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Hi Andrew,

I replaced the matrix on my UK RHD 4.6HSE a couple of years ago and it was not as difficult as I imagined. I had had previous problems with O rings and blend motors so was quite handy at removing the dash which I could accomplish in about 4 hours ''out and back in''. I think it would be well nigh impossible with the dash in situ on a RHD.
Unfortunately I didn't photograph my procedure so am relying on memory here.
Having removed the dash I then removed the bracket that supports the heater box at the front. This was to enable me to swivel the box just a little so that the matrix would slide out missing the bottom of the steering column. The matrix is quite long!
The frame below the steering column has 2 bolts (from memory) - the top is welded - one by the fuel cut off switch and the other just behind the foot rest (again from memory) and once removed you can bend the frame just enough to get the matrix out, having twisted the heater box as mentioned above. There is quite a bit of loom in this area and you will need to remove the clips to get it out the way.
Be careful sliding the new matrix in but it doesn't matter if you bend a couple of the fins.
Reassembly is just a reversal and I completed the whole job in a morning.
It would have cost me over £1000 at the local land Rover dealers so I was quite chuffed and no more leaks!

Good luck
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