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Hey guys, started throwing the infamous dreaded "vehicle lean when cornering" warning light. Had it diagnosed and scanned at Land Rover dealership.
Code: C1A97-62
The tech said he hasn't done an accelerometer in a few years, and not on an L320 like mine. Ended up not being able to leave my vehicle with them as I needed it this weekend.. looking for some help on locating the Lateral Accelerometer? I believe there is 2 of them in the Range correct? I have a 2011 Range Rover Sport SC. Any help/info/advice would be great! Thanks in advance.

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Took a look in the service manual for mine which is earlier but likely similar, 4 and 7 in the picture. Looks like the Lateral one is 4, at the bottom right of the car.

Motor vehicle Text Automotive exterior Diagram Auto part

Auto part

Two accelerometers are used; an upper and a lower. Both accelerometers are identical in their construction.
The lower accelerometer is secured to the underside of the vehicle floor, on the RH inner sill panel, below the front door. The
upper accelerometer is secured to a bracket on the body roof panel, in a central position at the top of the windscreen.

The lower accelerometer is the primary sensor used to measure lateral acceleration of the vehicle for roll control. The upper
accelerometer is used by the Dynamic Response control module for roll correction and fault detection in conjunction with the
lower accelerometer.


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Was it the lateral sensor causing the fault or what was the cause? Have the same problem on a 2011 L320 RR Sport after the vody split was done. Some of the ace fluid did leak out due to tge reservoir hanging upside down. Could it be that air entered the system? And is there a manual way to bleed tge system?
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