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Late model HSE / Vogue sound system same? - HELP NEEDED

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Hi All,

I had a Parrot Mki 9100 phone kit fitted to a 2001 Vogue and it worked perfectly.

Just had it transferred to the 2001 HSE and it is a disaster.

* Loud click in the speakers when selecting the Parrot sound control
* Buzzing (feedback?) in the rear speakers when using the phone part, together with a whine which varies with engine speed.
* Parrot volume control super sensitive and not controllable through the steering wheel.

Now, the fitters say that the radio / head unit design has changed and the HSE's radio does not have an AUX input, so the Parrot is connected directly to the main amps, and that the HSE has individual speaker amps but the Vogue only had a single amp.

This doesn't sound correct at all to me - how would LR change the sound system during the last year of production?

Any help gratefully received.

Sorry for the long post - hope it is a bit clear!
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The systems are different. The Vogue has a 'Premium' system based on a single DSP amplifier whilst the HSE has the 'Hi-Line' system based on individual door amplifiers. The impedance of the Hi-Line amps is not 'standard' and, as such, I suspect requires impedance matching circuits to be inserted between the Parrot system and where it breaks into the cabling between the head unit and the amps. See here for details of the circuits which can be made up if you are handy with a soldering iron.
Many thanks.

That's what the sound shop said, but I didn't believe them!

Shame on me.
Thanking you again - now I understand!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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