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Last Discs for the T4?

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Have T4 and wondered what were the very last discs that were distributed for Land Rovers, am sure I don't have these. Would be nice to complete the set if someone could help.
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I was invited to a friends house last Sunday, for a look at his new toy, an '06 plate defender TD5 , naturally I took along my T4, and brand spanking new green lead, as he only got one plip with it. Got everything hooked up, and hey presto, one 17TN later, he now has a spare keyfob, and the Madras chicken was on him `) .
But woe of woes, I notice when I'm programming the 10 AS, that my LR disc is DRG0021Z, now whilst it did the job in hand, only covers the Defender to '04, I would much prefer for future curry nights, to have the latest coverall disc.
Anyone who can help, please PM me.
Brian. :thumb:
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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