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Last Discs for the T4?

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Have T4 and wondered what were the very last discs that were distributed for Land Rovers, am sure I don't have these. Would be nice to complete the set if someone could help.
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The latest disk that I have is DRG0021Z
I'm back on the bike and I'm well. I got the all clear from pathology. Re DRG0021Z, PM sent.
I also have:

Range Rover 13 - DJL0D13X 06/2004 ---- for L322 2004 on ( to what year, I don't know)

DRG0017 09/2002 covers RRC, P38A, Disco 1, Disco 2, Defender, and Freelander (to 2000).

I also have another disk which I am not what it does. It's an install disk for, I assume, WDS. It is labelled Terradyne Land Rover WDS CD12 dated 11/2005 - possibly meant to run on the GDS3500 http://www.autocentral.com/product.mvc/ ... TCOOKIE=NO

Whether it runs on T4 I don't know.

It appears to cover D3, RR and RR 2005/2006
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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