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The Land Rover Experience School in Carmel, CA is having another owner's event this November 14. I did one yesterday and it was a great experience, 1/2 day with your own vehicle. There were only 3 vehicles (a Disco, a P38, and my Sport) so we all had instructors with us. They were actually looking for 12 or so participants so, while not one on one, it would still be a great event.

I told them I'd post the information on this site and if you want to come or spread the word further that would be great.

The cost is $200 and further information is below.

Land Rover Experience Driving School
Owners Event
Sunday, November 14, 2010
9:00 AM Start Time

Ramsey Benson
Location Manager

Land Rover Experience-Quail
8000 Valley Greens Drive, Carmel, CA 93923
[email protected]

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