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The rear bumper was pretty straight forward. Now starts level 2:

Front bumper diagram item #1 part number LR113284
MSRP: $1,975.08
Paid: $300.00
Notes: It had been in an accident requiring filling, dent repair, scratch repair and a lot of bondo, but all tabs were intact!! After 5 hours I finally have it smooth and ready for primer sealing. Purchased @ local body shop in SOCAL.
View attachment 285371
Repairs featured above, sealed featured below
View attachment 285493 Notes: The headlight washer caps are a different size, longer in width than that of the 14-17’ by approx 3/4’. Sourcing those parts will be very difficult however new OEM replacements are $30 dollars for the set which isn’t awful, albeit unforeseen.
Hi, Is it possible to use the bumper reinforcements from the 16 bumper in the 18 bumper?
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