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Hi All

Am a newbie here and was hoping someone could help me with something for my Match 2015, RR Vogue SE Diesel. The car just under 30k miles on it and is used in London with its stop start traffic and very occasionally on the motorway. All services since brand new are main dealer.

I have two issues and am not sure if they are related to reach other or not:-

1) This is a long standing problem which the main dealer in London I told about last service but they could never resolve the issue or even replicate it so now I find myself almost 10 months later and out of warranty even though I reported it when the car was in warranty at my last service in March last year 2018.
So whenever I turn left (not a sharp left but a wide sweeping left) from a standing start I hear a rapid knocking noise/juddering (say 2-3 taps taps a second) from what appears to come from the back passenger side (more left I think) for about 1-2 seconds max whilst turning left. This doesn't happen often when turning left while still moving but still occasionally I do hear it. Ive taken it into kwik fit too once the main dealer couldn't help me and they also couldn't find anything wrong with the wheel.

2) I have noticed a vibration coming from the floor and into the seat of the Range Rover driver side when driving above 45 mph but no vibration on steering wheel and no matter if I brake or not its there at any speed above 45mph and gets progressively worse the faster I go.

I took the car into a local garage for it MOT today (albeit these guys are not experts in RR) and told them about problem 1 and 2 above. They drove the car as a test drive and noticed the left turn issue and also the vibration issue above 45 mph. They then put it on a ramp and looked underneath it at the two arms connected to each front wheel and also looked for any obvious signs of something loose or worn or damager but could not find anything. He said it MIGHT be bushes but also said he cannot tell for sure.

Any ideas on 1 and 2 and if they are related and also costs to fix the issues?

hi friend
I have an l405 2015
today as I drove on a highway a vibration starts over 50miles/hour and seems to be the same problem as the one you described.

I thought that are the tyres the issue which are almost new i move the front rear and opposite but still have the same problem.

did you solve it?
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