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L332 light steering - inactive eas, hdc and abs

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Hi guys,
I know theirs lots of these posts flying around but issues seems slight different from what I've seen

Car: 2004 l322 3.0D 130,000 miles

Issue: the usual warnings... Inactive air suspension, inactive hdc and abs light.
The steering is also extremely light (baby finger with ease)
No speedo.

After reading many of these forums I replaced the battery. No change
I bought abs/eas kicker. This returns 1 fault on eas, clears the error only to reappear half a mile later.
Checked the compressor works fine, car is locked in the middle position.
Tried 3 different garages and none of the OBD machines would connect.

Any ideas before I end up spending £1000s

P.s I am a new member so if I posted in the wrong place I apologise in advance.
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No speedometer is the clue. One of your wheel speed sensors is probably bad. Any work done down around the wheel hubs lately? If the fault comes back immediately when the truck is started after being reset the speed sensor is open circuited or shorted, if it takes a while (less than probably 100 yards) it either the tone ring is cracked or full of rust, or the sensor head clearance is to big (if you removed and reinstalled it).
Thanks for the advice, the only work recently (if you can class it as that) had puncture ran on spare for half a day. I will get it up on the ramp and check them.
RASH, we have no clue where you are located and you have no Rover info in your signature. Please read the guidelines.

EAS has nothing to do with light steering. If three OBD scanners are not communicating they obviously are not equipped to handle the L322 EAS system. Clearing the code does NOT fix the issue. You have to read the code so you know what to address on that front. No speedo could be bad senor could be a disconnected or severely corroded harness, again a "kicker" is NOT going fix the issue. Get a real diagnostics system for your rig to actually READ the error codes so you don't spend thousands of pounds tossing your checkbook at unknown issues... You will certainly waste untold mounts of money that way.

there is an entire diagnostic equipment forum below for you to browse, read and search within.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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