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Hi all, if these issues have been addressed previously please accept my apologies.

I have a 2006 TDV8 RR, Im the second owner and have had it for 8 years, a month after I bought it I needed a new engine and turbos.

Since then I’ve done 100,000 miles.

Currently I have a near side turbo actuator sticking so there is the engine light on. It went in to a local garage on Monday and came out the same but with added suspension issues !

The suspension has a few issues:
When left sitting the rear off side goes totally flat, will not raise if driven but will raise if I start the engine then lower and raise before moving off
Secondly the near side front looks to be sitting at the right height but the screen display shows it at fully extended off road mode.

If anyone knows any good knowledgeable guys in the west of Scotland please let me know.

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