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Ladies & gents (though I assume mostly gents),

I have a 2003 Td6 that twice in the last couple of days has not started. Engine turns over, but no fuel seems to be pumping. It's important to note that I was on a (very) slight incline, with the engine at the top. It seems to start ok when I got the car off the incline and into a more level position.

The "stealer" did a wide range of tests and the consensus is that one (or both) of the fuel pumps is faulty. He advised, however, that they were unable to tell me which one, the interior or exterior pumps.

He then advised that if replacing one (only), it may not 100% solve the problem because if it's the other, the "new" one will be working extra to try to compensate for low fuel pressure from the other, thereby reducing it's lifetime.

Wondering if anybody has had this issue, and if so, what is the best course of action, replace interior, exterior or both?

Also seem to have a problem (this has gone on for several months now) with the fuel (sender?), where my fuel gauge shows only 75% full tank, even though I have pumped enough diesel to fill the tank.

Could both items be related somehow?

Several questions I know, but appreciate your help!

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