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2002-2005 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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A year ago I bought some SiriusLED T10 canbus LED parking bulbs for my 2004 RR and they worked great! No errors. Well, I broke the tabs off my parking/turn signal lights so I decided to replace them. While I was swapping out the bulbs one of the LED bulbs broke. I bought the same exact bulb from Amazon this time around and they throw errors and strobe. Same part number, same everything. Side by side they look identical. Just curious if anybody got another bulb to work for their parking lights besides the ugly incandescent bulbs that are factory. I'd settle for a super white non LED version but I can't find them anywhere.

This are the ones I bought last year that worked yet this time around do not work.


[h=1]SiriusLED 2835 PX Chipset Super Bright 400 Lumens Canbus Error Free SMD LED Bulbs for Interior Car Lights License Plate Dome Map Courtesy Side Marker T10 168 194 2825 W5W 6000K Xenon White[/h]
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