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My half drive shaft (left hand side when sitting in car) finally gave up the ghost. I have a replacement but am having trouble getting the side that is in the diff out.

The half shaft broke diff side so I still have the gaitor and housing plus a shaft still in the diff.
The hub side came away with the hub spline, gaitor/cv, and outer shaft as one unit leaving the rest in the diff (if that makes sense).

the sline that goes into the diff has a recessed split washer which is what is locking it into place (I presume). I have scoured the internet to find a "how to" video but cant find one. anyone know how to get the half shaft out of the diff? There is a small amount of movement but that's it and I cant see anywhere for access to push the recessed split washer in.

Also does anyone know if the recall is still active for these old models (2002) as it has the original drive shaft that was a recall for a revised unit.


1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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