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L322 geimmobiliseerd op oprit...馃様馃

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Plots wil de sleutel niet meer omdraaien,
geen klik te horen van transponder.
Stuur zit niet vast. Automaat zit wel in P.
Waarschijnlijk contactslot kapot.
Wil contactslot 2dehands kopen, en vervangen van chip en transponder naar nieuw slot.
Maar hoe krijg ik slot eruit,en zal het dan opgelost zijn.
Ik moet hem naar garage zien te krijgen....help
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Suddenly the key won't turn anymore,
no click heard from transponder.
Steering wheel is not stuck. Automatic is in P.
Probably broken ignition switch.
Want to buy ignition lock 2nd hand, and replace chip and transponder to new lock.
But how do I get lock out, and will it be solved.
I need to get it to the garage...help
Welcome to the forums @Danny/blade, glad to have you aboard mate, lots of information here to learn and you can have your say, so enjoy your time here and have some fun!

How is the battery level, L322's don't like a battery that is below the threshold (11.7v) or thereabouts?
Lets start with this and see where it take us.
Fuse number 37 is vacant but if you place a 5amp fuse in the holder it is able to be towed (transport mode) i don't recommend this though a tilt tray for transport is far better.
Ignition lock and transponder are Vin locked to your vehicle so it's not possible to change ignition key barrels that easily.
You need to have this L322 plugged in to scanner to retrieve codes! also you need to give more info about model of Rangie?
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