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Hi I have been suffering from knocking noises from the front suspension. Thanks to this and other forums it's all sorted now better than new actually. Thought I would put something back and share my discoveries:
I have a 2004 L322 petrol 4.4l v8 78k miles and use an excellent land rover specialist in Hertfordshire.
About a year ago a knock started on the front left suspension when I would turn out of a car park space by turning hard right and accelerating fairly hard.
I was certain it was the roll bar. The bushes to the roll bar were very badly worn. Can’t just replace the bushes so replaced the roll bar. Still a knock although tightened up the ride when cornering.
The bushes also looked worn on the suspension arms so changed those and changed the ball joints – still a knocking noise.
My mechanic suggested it may be the air suspension strut – the landrover ones cost about £700 but there are Dunlop and Delphi ones for about £200. Fitted the Dunlop.
Noises still there and now occurring when going over say a dropped man hole!
The only thing we hadn’t changed was the steering rack and there was a bit of play in it – so changed it. Still the noise and a damaged bank balance!
At this point I started doing some research and discovered that other have suffered knocking noises with the Dunlop struts also found an old advert advertising Delphi as developing a new type of rubber specially for the new range rover back in 1992 so it appears Delphi are the original manufacturers. I also read the workshop manual and realised it was not straight forward changing the bushes to the suspension arms – needed tightening up when loaded and all the different torque settings.
So I bought a pair of Delphi struts myself and took them to the mechanic.
In the meantime the mechanic replaced the right hand side air suspension strut with a new Dunlop and replaced the new left hand one with another new one. In case the one we fitted was faulty and in case the noise was actually from the other side. When I drove the car the knocking was still there and worse.
So me helping (annoying probably) we completely stripped down the left hand suspension and refitted with a Delphi strut and carefully refitted the arms exactly torqued and loaded as the workshop manual and I also replaced the ball joint for another new one just in case.
Noise on the left completely sorted! But noticed a noise on the right now!
So did the same to the right hand side suspension – sorted.
It rides beautifully now – completely silent as god intended.
So if you are suffering from knocking I would do the following:
1 Release the roll bars links and drive it carefully I’m sure this won’t solve your problem but if it does it’s obviously the roll bar.
2 Change the ball joint use original parts only £20 unless you are sure the ones you have are better!
3 Change the suspension arm bushes – difficult so prob easier to buy new arms but make sure you follow the workshop manual with torque settings and tightening when loaded etc.
4 If still knocking I’d probably change the ball joints again just to be sure as they are only £20 or so.
5 If still knocking it has to be the air suspension but don’t buy Dunlop’s only use Delphi or Landrover.
Hope this helps someone – and don’t believe anyone who says you should expect a bit of a knocking noise from a 12 year old L322.

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This is great info.. Thank you for posting. It seems a lot of l322 clunk. I'm going to follow this and I'm also going to try to do the rear drop links and I read something previously about torqueing the strut allen nut, just mentioning to get everything in one thread.
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