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2002-2005 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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Hi there everyone, thank you for accepting me into your awesome forum! I understand this has been posted before in 2014 and I understand i will get a efficiency warning which I have a plan for. I am currently looking for a decat exhaust pipe for my 2004 Range Rover L322 4.4 BMW V8 (M62). There used to be one on eBay however they are out of stock and I have been waiting for over 9 weeks for a re-stock and still no joy :( does anyone know where i can acquire one? As a universal de-cat is just not an option as we all know the diameter of the downpipes into the cats is much thicker than the remaining exhaust pipes :(

The reason I am after a "de-cat" is because both my cats are seriously clogged, and split them selfs before my MOT, now i have re welded them, my range has little to no performance :(

P.s Ive tried cat clean.

If anyone can recommended where i can get such a part i would be eternally grateful as I have called around to most specialists in my area and gone google mad !

Kind Regards Harry


2004 Zambezi Silver L322 Range Rover Vogue 4.4L V8 (M62) - LPG
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