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Hi guys, I'm not new to L322 at all, but this one is getting me frustrated too long now.
2004 L322 4.4 Vogue

Ok. FR corner is too low. Measuring all heights with tape measure and specification heights: no corner is right.
I am able to set the car at the correct height. Using All Comms V3 by RSW Solutions from the US.


I need to alter the values big time.
Old values (but with FR 2,5 cm lower than FL + both rears too high)
FL 416 - FR 416
RL 456 - RR 456
(no idea what these values means / resetting the system, gives again these heights.)

New values after a lot off measuring : car sits now at 99% correct heights. just 1-2 mm difference : I'll accept)
FL 356 - FR 437
RL 366 - RR 354
And this makes the ECU a bit go wobbly and thus the air suspension is inactive : message on screen & no lights on the knobs.
Replacing the values with the 'original' : air suspension active and back to the old situation as above : dropped FR corner & rears too high)

Replaced hardware bits :
  • complete FR leg. (due to a big 'clonck' on top (shock-bearing busted) I replaced the full leg as the air pocket was a bit worn, not leak yet)
  • height sensor.
No errors in RSW besides 0x64 0x0064 Articulation Validity Vault
Which is more or less : the difference between L & R values is to big, thus ECU goes into inactive mode. This I understand

So, gurus : what am I missing ?
Hardware is ok, no difference between old & new height sensor when it comes to height height.
The only thing I can do to get the car on good heights is to input values as above. But this makes the ecu go wobbly.

Oh and :
With the altered height heights inputted and air suspension inactive :
Using the iCarsoft scanner the Voltages at the Height Sensors are stupid :
FR 2,90 V
FR 4,62 mm

FL 37,7 V (mmm.... WHAT?)
FL -3,31 mm (minus ???)

RR 2,24 V
RR 3,04 mm

RL 2,18 V
RL -1,97 mm (minus again ??)

Back to you gurus !


2002-2005 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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Those numbers are pretty much arbitrary and unique to the particular height sensor. From what I remember, I had to run the calibration program through the RSW that changed the height during the calibration to measure the new sensor values and record them. There was no need to manually input the values.

I would think the issue right now is the odd sensor is running out of range during the test. If you run the calibration and it will not calibrate, then try swapping the original sensor back in. There could be a fault with the new sensor...since it seems to be the one out of range.

Good luck....’fraid I’m not much help...just trying to think of possibilities.
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