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Hi All,

I have a L322 2004 4.4 V8 Vogue on LPG with 145k miles on it.

This all started when I changed a coil 2 years ago. It's a pretty simple operation as everyone knows, and I was sure to disconnect the battery etc.

Anyway, on recommission the car developed an annoying issue of if I put the key in, turned to ignition, removed the key, reinserted, turned to ignition the following happens:

1. The Temperature reading would swap from Celsius to Fahrenheit (and Fahrenheit to Celsius the next time). I'm getting the hang of Fahrenheit as a result, but it's really really annoying.

2. It would reset its trip computer. I am also unable to reset the trip by pressing the stalk (ie, I press it and it does nothing). It's not good for my OCD nature of recording how far I get on each LPG tank.

So far I have replaced the battery and run a plug in diagnostic (Icarsoft I930) but other than a MAF issue and various other codes as a result of the previous weak battery, I can't see an issue.

I'm not scared to throw money at a new ECU if that's what it needs, but I just want it to work!

Help me! Please!

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