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Does anyone know of someone who really knows the m62 engine inside out because I have a running problem with mine!
When driving along the car is fine but when you come to a hill and put your foot down a bit more there is little response and the box has to change down. There seems to be very little power or torque between idle and 3000 rpm. I have replaced the maf (Bosch) both cam and crank sensors (Delphi) plugs and coil packs (nkg). I did the timing chain and guides 1 and a half years ago. Changed the throttle body and pedal for known good ones. There are no codes the fuel trims are all within 5% and it flew through a cat test. The symptoms can’t be made to happen when static only when driving. I have recorded live data when it happens and have watched it back in slow and cant see anything wrong. This started about 4 weeks ago.
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