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'03 RR HSE 3.0 TD6
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Hi all,

I recently purchased a 2003 RR L322 3.0 diesel
Since I bought it I always had a warning for transfer box neutral and never really took any notice of it.
One day it completely lost all drive... it would move about 2 feet and then it would just rev when it was in drive.
Long Story short, it was brought to a gearbox specialist who said the Torque converter had blown and that the gearbox would need to be rebuilt.
So I finally got my car back and it was driving fine with the exception of beeping every few seconds once it heated up saying transfer box neutral.
but today the battery decided to die on me, after jump starting it off 2 boostr boxes and a transit it finally came back to life.
When I was driving it I got a warning say max 35mph but yet it still drove over 35... anyway I switched the car of and switched it back on and that warning went off, however when I was driving down the motorway I couldnt get the car to go over 80kmph where it sat at 5k revs in 5th gear.

The low range light was on and I cant get it to go off by using the hi/low range centre console controls.

I'm unsure weather this could be battery related, Transfer box completely gone, or what the next step from here is but the car is driving at really high revs and stuck in low range.

Is it possible to position the transferbox in hi range and remove the power going to transfer box to stop it going back into low range / neutral so that it will still drive as normal?

Any help at all is much appreciated
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