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Hi all, my RR doesn;t rev nicely anymore with a terrible unbalancing noise at idle. Sometimes gets better but really unstable. huge power loss. The IIDTOOLs tells me P0206 so something wrong with injector 6 but when I unplug it the engine feels even worse, so the injector does not sound really dead to me, since he still deliver fuel. Same behaviour with other injectors by the way. So this is not conclusive for me. :doh:

Now I hesitate how to move on since I would like to avoid removing the injector before I am sure.

I have intention to pour cleaner agent like Wynn's and let it run for a while.

Any better idea how to really spot the problem ?

oh yes, may be an important one... my wife told me misfiring started to happen 10kms after fueling in... do you also think like me ?

Thanks aso much for advices how to continue.
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