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Evap error... Many Many posts that say clean the gas cap seal and the lip of the nozzle... lubricate real good... They are all right...

However there is more to it... and let me say if you have a MY10-12 and have not replaced the gas cap, do so... will save you a lot of time searching these forums when it does become a problem. Correct part number is LR011468 and can get best price on eBay ($37 - $42).

Other than the obvious issues... you look at the gas cap and the seal and say it looks good.... But what is not obvious is that the seal compresses over time till it leaks.

Although you can tighten the cap till it clicks you are not really tightening the seal but turning it till it reaches the mechanical stop of the cap. Once tight, very slowly and lightly turn the cap counter-clockwise till you feel the cap engage, then continue to turn lightly and see how much effort it takes to loosen the cap. If the seal is worm then will will not take much effort and seem like it was really never tight at all.

The other thing is to compare your seal with the pictures below (Blue one is new). What you don't realize, if you do not know, is that the seal is not round but a square channel. Over time the top parts compresses till it looks like an o-ring. Again obvious when you look at the picture.

I hope this helps someone because my cap looked good (I thought) and I didn't want to spend $40 for something I didn't need to just to eliminate it. However once I got the new cap, it was obvious that it was worn out. So for all of the people that say my gas cap looks good, compare it to the pictures... better yet consider it a wear item and replace it every 6 years.



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