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Hi All,

Newbie here. I have read a lot of the super lock issues but none quite like this one.

I have a 2010 RRS which is fully loaded. Its a real High spec car that was owned by Land rover Gaydon Engineering.

I have just bought the car and unfortunately dealer did not prepare the car fully and i have some issues i am trying to resolve. I will put on different posts.

I bought the car and have travelled overseas touring so am not able to get back to the dealer but i will get all the repairs done and back charge!!!

This particular issue got me stung though, The Super lock part of the locking system does not seem to be engaging. If i lock the car with one press of the remote the doors lock. If i use 2 quick presses then the horn chirps signalling the Superlock engaged but if i sit in the car and have someone lock the car then step away out of range of the key sensor. I am able to open the door from inside the car. I only found this after someone smashed the rear quarter window, gained access to the cabin and stole my computer and documents!!!!!!!!

Ont the LR computer system it shows the Super locks is active and the chirp is for the super lock activation. Would really appreciate help on this one as once i have the window replaced i need the security.

It would also seem that i do not have proximity sensors in the cabin although the Diagnostic system show that they can be activated. Can these be installed?

I appreciate any help that can be given on this issue
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