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Hi all, been searching online and on this forum can't find a diagram that i can read properly...

Basically got an after market sat nav that replaces the existing one in shape for a 08 plate RRS HSE 2.7, but the connector on the back is different. So i've got two parts to this, the first is the audio converter and then the second is the sat nav unit.

Audio Converter
Black - GND
Yellow - B+
Red - ACC

Sat Nav Unit
Black - GND
Yellow - B+
Red - ACC+
Org - ILL
Brown - Brake
Pink with Black stripe - Reverse

I've had the center control off, head unit and sat nav etc out, the wires aren't marked and there are multiple colours (i know you don't match colour for colour anyways).

So would be good to speak to someone who maybe knows there way around the head unit 20 pin or even the orginal sat nav connector? I have phoned a few RR specialist garages but they aren't willing to email me a diagram even though i am happy to pay for it...

Could someone please shed some wisdom if they have any?

Thanks in advance
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