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Hi folks,

I recently had some trouble with 'black bodge', my black RR.
Having given it a general sprunce up and check over for the MOT, then replacing a couple ball joints, panhard rod bushes (so now no steering wobble at anything above 50mph) and changing the fluids (engine,auto trans,transfer,brake,front and rear axles, steering and coolant), I recently started getting some worrying noices coming from the front end....

Thinking I'd done something silly with the front axle I rechecked the oil level, that was fine. So... I replaced the front prop shaft bearings, which was a bit of a pain, but finished the job none-the-less.
Unfortunately, I was still getting the knocking noices. This occured mainly when slowing down to a crawl, with no power/ load, and sounded like the front driverside area was being hit with a hammer..a loud 'tinny' / cow bell hitting sound...
So, I rechecked the transmission and transfer oil levels...both fine.

Common sense then took over, jacked the front up and rotated each wheel and the answer came to me like a light bulb! :roll: ...

The driverside swivel joint now has oil in there (doesnt seem to leak, but I'd never topped it up before since owning the motor), and the knocking noise has gone!!....

And to think I nearly tried to source a replacement transfer box.....I should have gone for the bleedin' obvious first :oops:

there's a lesson for me in there somewhere :naughty:
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