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So, let's say that somehow you could convince LR UK to sell you a new receiver, and a pair of fobs programmed for your Vin, you would theoretically have a working set of fobs?
Seeing as how LR does not seem very cooperative lately on the parts scene, maybe a very long shot?
Could a determined dealer in NA get a EU receiver and fobs?....I wonder.....

Alternatively, what is involved in using a fob from a known vehicle and sm035 to have that fob work on the current rig?
Scotty hinted this was possible, and I now have 2 spare, working fobs from my white 02 that could be re tasked for the Borrego??
As he has the settings from both Becms on his data base, how tough a job?
Yes, that would be possible - but as I mentioned in the other thread currently going on about fobs, locking and all that - you would then effectively have a mix and matched lockset between the key blades and the remotes and the 2 vehicles.

Also as mentioned - we are definitely trying to find a solution to the key fob issue... I am sure we will crack it, hopefully sooner rather than later... keep nursing the current ones for the meantime!!
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