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Hey, everyone. I have a key that suddenly won't come out of the ignition. A soft dash '95 classic with 120k miles.

I'm trying to track down the problem: I have had some recent issues with the barrel-- some finessing to get key out- but nothing as locked-up as this. This is not responding to nudging and wriggling. It feels locked out. So...

After checking some of the older posts here and it seems that my key being stuck in the ignition is possibly related to the recent water leakage from the sunroof's aging weather stripping. More specifically, can rain seeping in be drizzling into wiring or fuses and affecting the Multi-Function Unit? My interior lights failed to illuminate during the recent rain, though they're back on now.

Let's say I fix the weather stripping-- IS there such a thing as all of this going away when it all dries out?

Fingers crossed!

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