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key problem

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i have a 2005 HSE. yesterday, i went to go home from work and the key wouldn't turn in the ignition. it would unlock and lock the doors just fine. i did the usual troubleshooting of checking all the fuses (no probs), checking this board :) and trying to jump start the car since the original's battery check window was black instead of green. It wouldn't jump start, so even thought the lights and radio would turn on, i thought maybe it was just too old and couldn't work this way too complicated electronics of the rover. $100 and new battery later, the key still wouldn't turn. overly frustrated, i had the idea to try the 2nd key, so i got a ride home, got it and returned, and low and behold, it turned. i tried a new battery in the original key, but that still hasn't resolved the issue.

any idea what happened to the original key that is preventing it from turning in the ignition, that the 2nd key didn't experience? there is no water damage to the key.

i'm just glad the backup worked, but is it a long term solution?
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Firstly, the battery only powers the remote/key to lock and unlock the vehicle, it has nothing to do with turning in the ignition. When you insert the key do you hear the steering column unlock? (clicking sound) If so the vehicle does recognize the key and you may have a mechanical issue as in the key being worn out. If you do not hear any sound,the vehicle is not recognizing the key and will not let you turn it. Will the bad key turn approximately 15 degrees? If so your key "blade" is ok, it's an electrical issue. ibis1 ;)

There is no programming needed, although it may have been disabled. If that's the case a dealer could re enable it. I also believe the independents have that ability. Either way you do not want to be left with only one key. Should something happen to that, your dead in the water. Good luck! ibis1 ;)
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