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Hello all, I'm new here and new to the world of Range Rover, I picked up a fixer upper 2003 Range Rover HSE yesterday. It runs and drives fine but needs several little things fixed here and there.

First up, it only came with one key, it works with the ignition and with the glove box lock but when I try to use it with the lock on the drivers door nothing happens. When I hit the lock/ unlock buttons on the key fob the light on the key flashes but nothing happens in the car. I can lock/ unlock the locks while in the car with all the doors closed but I don't want to get locked out so I'm having to just leave it unlocked for now and not comfortable doing that.

I have tried doing the sync process where you turn the key on then off quickly and hitting the buttons in a certain order but it didn't seem to do anything, maybe I did something wrong??

I plan to pick up a new battery for the key In the morning. Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated!!
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