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key Fob won't program

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So I ordered the "rebuild your FOB kit" and put a new battery, new button, new battery holder.
I also read the manual and attempted to program the remote (wasn't working to begin with).
So, I press "lock" then lock the truck with the key. Nothing.
then, I press unlock, then unlocked the truck. Nothing.
So Im doing it as per the instructions n the book.
The red light comes on, what am i doing or not doing wrong?
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They're finnicky. Search for one of my topics regarding this. It has taken me up to threee weeks or so of doing it a couple times every time I go out to my car to get it to finally synch.

There's a couple different techniques also, which I cover in my thread.
We don't know that the fob actually works, but for the time being lets assume it is.
Did the fob come with the car when you bought it?
Has the fob ever worked with the car?

Is the alarm set? IE, Is the red LED at the base of the windscreen flashing?
You can't synchronise the fobs until the alarm is switched off (LED dark).

What year is your car? The later cars had an Easy Synchronisation facility, whereby an electrical coil around the steering lock would signal to the fob, when the key was inserted. Again, this will be ineffective if the windscreen LED is flashing.


Gonna try again as per these threads/suggestions.

How did you get your windows/sunroof to set with the one touch(putting a new battery in might have erased all that stuff).

The alarm light on the dash is off IIRC.
Search window not set or sunroof not set.

Or...read your owner's manual.
Tried the methods outlined in the threads with no luck. Gonna keep trying and see what happens.
I seriously loathe when I have to disconnect the battery, because of the stupid key fob. Seriously...I've synched it up the first try, and then have to disonnect the battery...then it takes a friggin month. No joke. It's so bizarre...I'm not looking forward to doing it again.
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