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Hi all, I recently bought a second-hand 2007 RR Sport, which came with 2 key fobs.
One was obviously the 'main' key, as the rubber diaphragm was very worn and was punctured. But the lock & unlock buttons still worked.
But to tidy it up, I bought an after-market shell, and swapped the innards over. Now it will only lock the car, but not unlock.

The other 'back-up' key will neither lock nor unlock, and I infer from its great condition, that it has had little use, causing its battery to run flat. Driving the car around with that key in the ignition, has not recharged the battery.

I have read references in forums to initialising key fobs, but there is nothing in the owner's manual to explain this.

Can anyone proffer some clarification for me?

TIA, Simon

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My previous post on this may be of some help:
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