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Hi all

Following a dodgy battery contact in the fob key 2 no longer syncs - I tried all the many methods although my 98 4.0 se has the auto resync ignition anyway - but I also noticed it does not do the rapid flash for lazy lock (key 1 does) ..

So does the fob know it is not synced or just the car? :)

When I put in the ignition the red light flashes on the key fob and usual security warnings and does not start unless I unlock with the other key fob (or EKA).

So could this indicate the fob is faulty - was working fine (albeit intermittently) until i changed the battery and cleaned the contacts.

I read somewhere that the resync can take a long time so necessary to drive around using key 2 for some hours ??

One other thing - the super lock started to activate immediately some time ago with a single button press (on both fobs) - so I am guessing something else awry in the door lock (works correctly using just the key) .. could it be linked to the sync problems?

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