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key battery low

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a few days ago Í got the message "key Battery low" or something similar...

Well HAHA I thought - just received lots of goodies from P38spares.co.uk - including 2 sets of remote key refurbishing kits with buttons, batteries, rear cover plate and O-rings... started changing batteries in the on that was about to go dead. After work I triede to open the car with the remote - NO RESPONS - ok I thought... left the batteries out to long - took my other key with remote end opened the car with that and went home.

At home I tried to syncronize the key in the ignition.. no difference - could easily start the car but not activate the door locks as with the other key.... Looked in my workshop manual. Syncronize has to be done in the doorlock - well easily done I thought... but the doorlock did not work - turned around but no action.... WHAT?!

In the spring I changed the central locking motor - old one had a strange sound - doorlock in the drivers door and carefully reconnected everything - but somehow the small rod for the keylock had come loose - it was just dangeling in the door... reconnected it and tried to syncronize the key again - and it worked!!!

So if you experience something similar - check the drivers door - easily done and remember this - always have both keys with you when you change the batteries in the remote control - just in case.....

Ferdinand - at least on happy ending with my car this week - ohhh also fitte my snow tires today... So come on Winter..... bring me some snow!!!!
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Ferdinand said:
- ohhh also fitte my snow tires today... So come on Winter..... bring me some snow!!!!
Just out of interest what make/range of Snow Tyres have you had fitted.

Michelin Alpin 255/65 R16 - bought them some years ago - great with lots of snow or really wet roads - no good on ice - nut no tires are that anyway - then you need studs...

Should I buy right now I would consider Michelin Alpin or Goodyear...
Good info, thanks for sharing :thumb: . Mine has been saying "key battery low" too, and my "lock" button does not work cause it is corroded in the remote :( .
Have you tried to clean with som econtact cleaner? I would if it was mine!!! They cost a fortune :cry: :cry:

buy the kit from P38spares.co.uk - Andy is great (although he sent me the wrong AIC GRRRR) - wil have to send it back and get the right one -

Ferdinand - thnking about giving the car a good wash today - manual of course - as always! :dance: My rangie has NEVER been in an automatic car washing machine
G'day ,had the same message a couple of weeks ago went down to to the local dicksmith powerhouse store went to the battery section and brought two new batteries removed back and old batteries fitted new ones not touching the positive face ,refitted seal and lid ,from the window inside open close no probs worked first time :dance:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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