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1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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I am just back from the garage, had all front end suspension done, waterpump, belt, pulleys, ABS sensors... 2500GBP less in my pocket and a couple of rubbers at the back

some will say..."ouch", in fact is what I though when the guy gave me the invoice.

Today I picked up the car and two turns at the traffic lights and two roundabouts later I already had a big smile across my face.

I always though the RR was a crap car to drive (Tramlining like hell, very vague steering) since the very first day I had it over 12 year ago and I always though that was its caracter... I guess It already needed some work done then... I wonder why it was never picked up my any of the MOT guys.

Anyway I am a happy bunny:mrgreen::mrgreen:
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