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Just got back from the dealership...HELP!

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So, I've had my RR for less than a month and I looked through service records before I bought it and it had been well taken care of...

I decided to take in to LR for the following:
-Parking sensors not working
-Driver side headlight will sometimes not come on when it rains a lot...(go figure)

so the lady called me back after a hours and said I needed to do the following:
-Replace LCM(Light Check Module) in order to attempt fixing the headlight thing (she wasn't sure) $750 :shock:
-Replace Rear right parking sensor $500 :shock:
-"Valve cover gasket. VCC solenoid leaks oil" $850 :shock:
-Coolant Manifold and Heater Hose leaking coolant $900 :shock:
-Replacement of purge valve $700 :shock:

HAHA :lol: not that I'm a cheap ass, but $3700 in repairs seems a bit steep ...well, I'm not a professional mechanic, but I have quit a bit of mech/tech background and I'll be replacing these parts myself, I was just wondering if anyone has had the Headlight problem with a lot of rain...aka, is it worth replacing the LCM even if I'm not sure it'll fix it?...

Thanks a lot guys. :thumb:
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I had a headlight that was doing this, especially when raining/humid. Eventually it just stopped working, I put a new bulb and haven't had the problem since. You should swap the bulbs from drivers side to passenger. If the passenger side starts to flicker replace the bulbs as a pair if you want them to match. If the drivers side continues to flicker even after the swap could be the ballast.
Their mention of the heater core leaking and the hose fouled up is suspect. Mine had the same issue, it was the hose that couples a coolant line to the heater core. It's a 2" wide by 4" tall hose with some adapters on either end. 20 min repair
which purge valve? For fuel? The one located on the front of the engine? Very simple fix, and isn't a big problem... What makes them say that went bad? In really hot weather I'll get, "check engine," and it's a code for the purge valve. I just clear it and it's fine until the next 100 degree day
just piss poor... This my friend is why these trucks get such bad reputations...
http://www.autopartswarehouse.com/searc ... Components)

i bet the hose you need is here for 50 bucks- did you even notice it was leaking?
gisham said:

i bet the hose you need is here for 50 bucks- did you even notice it was leaking?
this is actually it right here, around $11


Thanks a lot for the help guys!!! :thumb:

You are right!! I wasn't sure about the engine check light, but it only comes on when it's a 100 degree day...but then it goes off when it cools down.

It looks like I'll have these things fixed for maybe a couple of hundred bucks :D ...(Instead of ~$4000 :? )
Yeah, I think their suggested replacement of the LCM is total BS. :roll:

My 105K service is coming up, have you guys had this yet? I think I'll be trying to do the bulk of this myself.
i am glad to help someone out- the only thing i would have the dealership troubleshoot is electrical gremelins, and that is just because i dont have the testing equipment or the expertise to identify the faulty compnants- The mechanical stuff is just monkey work for the most part- if you have a nominal amount of tools and mechanical know how you can do all the basic maintenance on these vehicles-

That said im not rebuilding a tranny in my carport :) but coolant lines, fluid changes, belts, plugs...ect are not difficult.

And now with Arnott selling air shocks for 1/3 of the dealer price it really takes the sting out of losing one of those too-
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