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Giday, and welcome.

I rekon LPG on a rangie is the best invention since the wheel period!!!
First off; no your system won't adjust the timing for the difference in octane rating between unleaded and LPG. This is due to the Lucas 14CUX injection system which your car has not running a knock sensor, and thus being able to sence the optimum timing for your fuel, load, revs etc. My car runs standard timing, not quite sure what that is off the top of my head. Mines a low compression Australian model if that helps and it runs just as good as petrol etc top end power. Some people also say to run a slightly cooler spark plug to compensate for the lpg running hotter. I don't and my dad didn't, and his car did 1.4 million km, with the majority of that done on LPG.

The system once tuned shouldn't need regular adjustment. It should be set and forget just like the co content of your fuel injection system. Most of them are tunable for either power or economy. If you post some pics. I may be able to tell you how to tune it for either.

Does you car idle correctly, or / can you smell gas out the exhaust pipes?

Hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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