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Nevstah said:
hi guys! my first post to the forum

i've just bought myself a 1990 classic thats been converted to lpg. i know nothing about the conversion, how to set it up etc etc

some things i hope you may be able to help me with...

i've heard some systems automatically adjust the timing depending on the fuel in use.. how do i know if mine does this? and does anyone know what lpg should be timed to on the 3.9?

also, i was told the lpg system needs to be checked/adjusted regularly.. now bearing in mind theres no O2 sensor, so i cant use an AFR gauge.. whats the best way to do this? do i go thru the 'set by ear' routine? will this be good enough to get it running well? or is a exhaust gas analyser more appropriate to fine tune? if so does anyone know what the CO reading should be?

sorry for all the questions but i have to start somewhere!! and i havent seen these questions asked (that i can find!)

one last thing.. air intake.. the inlet opening on the filter housing is mighty small for a 3.9L engine!? much smaller than on my 2.8L bmw.. and more inline with the size of opening on a 1000cc morris i owned many moons ago! should i be looking to improve this?

thanks a lot guys

Hi Nev,

Take a look at Simon Hobsons site: http://www.diy-lpg.co.uk/Welcome.html

Also: http://www.lpgforum.co.uk/
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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