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Today marked a day that I thought wouldn't come as soon as it did. I sold my 2006 RRS HSE with 20k miles on the dot. I started to reminisce about my ownership and wanted to share some of my thoughts.

I bought the Sport new in Oct 2006 and has been very nice to drive around town. I knew beforehand that LR reliability wasn't the best but I took a chance anyway. I really thought/still think that the RRS is prob the best looking SUV out there... and even then, I wanted to make mine a little different than the rest. I added the Arden front and rear kit, brembo brake kit, Overfinch exhaust and 22" DPE wheels.

Although I love driving it, I didn't drive the Sport more than 2-3 times a month so it just ended up sitting in the garage. I decided sell it a few months ago as I believed it was the best financial decision for me.

What "surprised me" was that after three years of ownership, I had the following done/serviced which was all done/covered under LR warranty:

Steering rack replaced
Complete replacement of the emergency brake system
Leak in the AC line
Adjustment of sunroof (front wasn't flush)
Windshield nozzles (left and right) adjusted...twice each

Even after all these services, there are still some small nuances that the Sport still had (ie. slight steering wheel vibration, various noises/creeks, etc).

I would've considered purchasing an extended warranty but when I inquired, it came out to be $4500... so thus the sale.

Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts... I would have to say that the ownership has been more stressful and problematic than I would have liked... but I have not totally counted out LR and am considering picking up a pre-owned full-size SC. Call me a glutton for punishment :)



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Re: Just a quick note on my three year ownership of my 2006 RRS

Edwin.. beautiful RRS. I know you from the 6speedonline forum and remember seeing your RRS then. Thanks for your thoughts on the car, I just purchased my RRS SC and so far so good.. fingers crossed. But like most cars, your always going to find issues here and there. I think my Infiniti FX45 was the only car I ever owned that was perfect all the way up to 90K miles when I sold it. My 911TT had enough annoyances to last me a while.. My Cayenne TT had transmission problems at 50K miles.. I sold both a few months ago. But like you, I'll probably be back to the 911TT market again soon just like you to the LR market. We don't learn.. :mrgreen: We know what we like w/ aesthetics.. and deal with the mechanical gremlins as they come.

If you have any leftover aftermarket pieces from your RRS, PM me. I'm trying to differentiate my car from stock.. yours was beautiful.

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