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I'll start by say that I may just have been unlucky but I've been through 2 Nissen rad for my 4.6 hse this year.

I put in the first one as a routine maintenance item after doing head gaskets, but after a month water starts running out of the bottom joint between the core and the bottom chamber. So I literally have to take it put the thing on the bench and gently squeeze each tab, I thought it was a bizarre thing to happen and put it down to a Monday rad.

I ordered another to replace it, and was unlucky again in that my alternative supplier was out of stock of other makes so I went with a Nissen again, I just thought, made in Denmark, should be fine.

6 weeks later this happens, engine temp according to my OBDII bluetooth and Torque was 101c, admittedly it was 35c, aircon blasting, but mine is a very low temp engine.

I've replaced it again with a different make and low and behold I got a 5-10 deg drop across the board. It runs at 90c and you can open the cap after 60 seconds.

Any thoughts anyone.

Regards M

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