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I have a 2000 4.6 HSE, slight judder between 30 and 50 kms /hr then eases off at higher speeds..
Also , a whistle from underneath that is quite loud and getting louder...
I've had tracking / alignment / balancing done a couple of days ago, complete new exhaust fitted 3 mths ago...
Shocks are gone all round... they're the next item on my list to do ... but don't think they will solve whistle or judder..
Oil leak on diff at front, been told might just need a new gasket...
But I would really like some suggestions regarding the judder and whistle...Trevor Johannesburg

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There are no gaskets on the diff, there's an oil seal where the pinion goes in and the diff to axle housing is sealed with RTV. A judder at low speed, combined with a squeal would usually be a seized propshaft UJ but you need to disconnect the propshaft to be able to check them properly.
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