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JED big bore exhaust manifolds

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I know how restrictive the stock manifolds are on my '90 RRC, and these are exactly what I'm looking for.
I'm located in the strictest smog state, these look identical to the OE manifolds and wouldn't raise suspicion.

I couldn't find them at John Eales site. http://www.rover-v8.com/jeales/web.nsf/pages/home

Red ones are stock OE.

Where can I find these exhaust manifold?
Any idea on price?

Is there a Y pipe with cats specifically for these manifolds?
Stock Y pipe won't fit anymore due to the larger ports and flanges on the JED manifolds.
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Ask around the usual suspects, such as JE Engineering, V8 Developments and so on. JE may be a good place to start as they'd be able to offer lots of free advice on your specific engine and and gain/loss associated with the idea.
Thanks for your reply!

I sent an email to John Eales and he responded that they are NLA.

"Unfortunately I no longer make the large bore exhaust manifolds as they are
too expensive to produce (£500+ pair)."

I wonder if there is a market for these I imagine there would be.
Sure there is a market for performance exhaust manifolds, but at what cost.

I wanted these because they look stock, as I live in the strictest smog state in the nation.

There are no CARB approved exhaust headers for the RRC, and cast manifolds wouldn't raise an eye brow.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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