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Jack pad adapter for RRS?

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Hi, first time poster here.

I have a 2006 RRS Vesuvius edition. I live in a very cold climate and thus switch from the summer Contis to my winter hakkapeliittas. I used to have a tire shop change them out but decided to give it a shot myself this year. I put it on a flat surface, put in wheel chocks, and slid my race jack under. I tried to jack off the frame but it the pad keeps sliding off! I noticed there are some little holes (1/2" or so) in the frame at the jack points. Does anyone sell jack pad adapters for these? I have them for my MINI's and Porsche.

Thanks in advance!
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You don't need a jack pad, but all jacks should come with a round rubber insert on top of the jacking point, but you should ensure that the jack is solidly under the frame, there's plenty of surface area there to ensure a well placed jack should work both in front and rear. The holes there are for fitting the standard piece of **** scissor jack...a worthless contraption.

Now you mention that your's is a racing jack, just ensure it has the right lifting capability for the 5800 lbs RRS.

I got a buddy of mine who runs a metalwork shop to mill me up a jack adaptor from a piece of solid round stainless steel billet.

I based the adaptor on this drawing posted on the Disco3 Forum………

I made sure that the lower, thicker shaft, was the correct diameter to suit the hole in my particular model of floorjack. I also increased the 15mm thickness of the pad, to about 25mm, just to give a little extra lift.

I’ve used the adaptor several times on both the RRS & D3 & it works perfectly, as well as giving a greater sense of security, knowing that the vehicle can’t slip off the jack.

Here’s a pic I just took of the apaptor on my work bench……..

….& one of the adaptor fitted on my jack.

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