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I've found a way to extract some info!

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On my 2006 Range Rover Supercharged, I've found a way to extract some OBDII info!
Hold the reset trip and turn the key to position 2, still hold the reset trip and return the key to position 1.
On the odometer and trip information dash you will find trouble codes...
Since my Engine light came on last week, I've search all around the Range Rover forums and try different things to reset that dam engine light without any OBDII scanner or other tool. On the dash it writes P -05-07 and -05-00... I know now that those are trouble code : Idle Speed Control Engine Speed High Fault and Vehicle Speed Sensor Signal Error Fault from that site: http://www.obd-codes.com/trouble_codes/landrover/
I'm waiting for my Hawkeye to arrive to confirm this and erase the trouble codes!
Have a nice riding!
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Hiya Nreeves
Welcome to the board and for posting this up.

Here is a link to the Help page for our software module for this Instrument pack.
If you scroll down the list of settings and live data etc,
you will come to the miscellaneous section which lists what these numbers all mean.

Also it tells you how to calculate the unlock value and enter it for accessing the locked functions too.

warmest regards

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I don't know where you are getting me?
It's a link to your website help for a Range Rover MK III ( L322) 2002 - 2005 which I don't own...
I've got a 2006 Range Rover SC!
Can you help me out?
nreeves said:
I don't know where you are getting me?
It's a link to your website help for a Range Rover MK III ( L322) 2002 - 2005 which I don't own...
I've got a 2006 Range Rover SC!
Can you help me out?
So you have a Range Rover Sport Supercharged? That wasn't made clear in your initial post. There is a Supercharged L322, too. Maybe not in your country.
Oups... Sorry!
Effectively, It's a Sport, the L320...
I bought An Americain Range Rover Sport SC and imported to Quebec.
So again, from all the tools available on the market, what is the the best diagnostic tool for me since I'm not a professionnal mechanic but I would like to read codes, find the problems and erase them if I get stuck in the middle of nowhere?
Hiya Nic

There are a few options that list RR Sport, but very few that will cover all of the Vehicles on board systems and the degree of actual access and capability of each system will vary dramatically so you need to do your homework as to exactly what you are getting access to with any system.

You will notice that I represent a company that does equipment for Land Rovers, so naturally i think ours is the best, and actually if you were looking for just the most feature rich and capable it really is the only one to go for. We also do a cheaper version that just reads and clears codes. Although i am sure that works out more expensive than the Hawkeye you say you bought, so then its just down to what vehicle systems are covered.

In the meantime here is a small summary of why i think and say that ours is the most feature rich and capable fopr you to use in comparisons.
Access to absolutely every single possible on board vehicle system with diagnostic capability, is some cases as many as 30. That includes optional extra only systems as well as Market specific EG the OCR sensor fitted only on NAS spec vehicles.

Full vehicle setting and configuration programming capabilities,
here is a link to an example of the LR Setting page applicable to the 05 on L322 and Sport. It also has some Jag only stuff in it as it is shared across multi brands.

Whole host of other functions and feature, such as EAS sensor calibration, which you can offset plus or minus by 25 MM as desired.

Constantly being added to, this next week, a free upgrade is to be released that will allow our systems owners to flash update every flash programmable ECU in the entire vehicle. Also loads of stuff like key programming, sorting out that annoying Park brake reset adaptations, recalibrate stuf like the Adaptive Cruise Radar sensor, Adaptive lights etc.

Usable in conjunction with a PC to save pages like the one linked above list of read faults live data capture videos and much more, but also able to read and clear faults in stand alone mode out in the field.

Not bad for just 770 GBP :thumb:


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So how much would it cost me to have:
Option 1: just read and clear tool
Option 2: full access tool
Is it the MSV2-Extreme for option 1 and MSV2-Extreme plus server for option 2?
Thanks for your help
Hi Nic
There are 3 options

In all 3 cases, these are wiith the EXTREME vehicle server.
1) SV423 which is a read fault code only Kit of all hardware and software you need @ GBP 476.19
Not very popular, too expensive IMHO, but the cost of the hardware causes that. It is actually scheduled for being discontinued.
This software is VIN specific, as in, it will only work on your vehicle and no other.

2) SV223 Full capability Kit of all the same bits as above in 1) and with all the programmming and other features in @ GBP 770.70
By far the most popular and again VIN specific

3) All the same hardware bits as above cases, but with our SM130 software which is the same as in 2), At about GBP 1500
Quite popular, with quite a few upgrading to this from 2) This software is however not VIN specific and will work on any Range Rover Sport. Hence the price difference.
Its a biggish difference but then its only needed by businesses really.

There is no financial penalty for upgrading to higher spec systems, we just charge the difference, also VIN locking can be shifted to another VIN for just an Admin fee should you change vehicles.

Quite obviously our equipment is not entirely pocket money prices, But then in terms of system coverage, capability and user feature it really is second to nothing else.

I already mentioned in my last post on this thread, that we will soon be releasing our Flash programming software upgrade, which we have now been working on for several months, :oops: In fact that is now scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. :dance: All upgrades are naturally free of charge to owners of our systems and there are more to follow.
Of course with this upgrade you will be able to reprogram your engine management with any of the standard files for it, however we have also been working closely with a prolific, well known and very well respected tuner, Pete bell of Bell Auto services, and we have incorporated a capability that will allow him to e-mail you a power map that can be programmed into your car using our system. Because you would no longer need to buy any additional hardware from him, the cost of this would be significantly lower than by any other means. You would aso be able to swap between standard and performance enhanced maps at will.

I hope this helps Chap.

Warmest Regards

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ahhhh! if only... for a similar remap option for the Motronic 5.2.1 :crybaby2:
Have often wondered why an engine remap could not be switched on in conjunction with selecting the AT "Sport" button on the P38... now there's a thought :twisted:
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