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Its door locks again

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Hi To All, I’m having trouble with my passenger door lock (RHD) the sill button operates the lock, and all the other locks, but none of the other locks operate the passenger door lock, and neither does the handset, I replaced this lock within the last year due to the original lock being completely locked solid. I’ve got a print out of security/central locking S3 from RAVE but it doesn’t show what operates the three switches (1) (2) (3) are they closed by the CDL motor (4) ?? Boy do I hate these new wiring diagrams bring back schematic or at least tell you what voltage should be found on each circuit. looking at the drawing the arrows give the direction of current flow but if you look at the two motors (4) (5) all the current flow is away from the motors surly the common wire from 6 KB (pink/black) should be flowing into the motors, it’s the same with the three switches, the top of the switch is flowing out away from the switch but at the bottom the current is also flowing out, can’t get my head around it HELP!!! Best regards sillyboy
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