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1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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Well still working out the list of issues on the rover... I have a few problems that may be related... or may not be, that's what I need your help with.

Issue one - all windows will not roll up or down, no noises, no effort, just seems like they are not getting the signal to move. my first suspect was the switch pack, but before I shell out $300 for a new one, does anyone have any other suggestions?

Issue two - drivers side outstation, there is a relay on the outstation that just keeps clicking, I didn't write down the relay number, but it was the smaller of the three made by siemens. This is a constant clicking... some times it stops, but starts up again within a few minutes. I don't think there is a short in the wiring because i swapped the outstation across to the passenger side and it still clicked. Has anyone tried simply re-soldering a new relay to the outstation?

Would the failing outstation prevent all windows from functioning, or am I looking at to separate problems?

BTW, tackled the heater core o-rings today... that was fun :) Also managed to get my EAS functioning for the time being lol

Thanks all!
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