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Issues corrected on 14 RRS??? 14 RRS owners comment in here please

I sold my 12 RRS Autobiography because of some aggrevating issues I was having. I was hoping that the 14 RRS would correct the problems.

1. Rear Hatch open/close feature would screw up once in a while when using closure button on hatch and using car fob. Not close all the way and soemtimes it would release and lock back when using key fob to open hatch. Dealer updated software, still had intermittent problems.
2. Subwoofer made rattle noise in rear hatch, dealer couldn't fix.
3. Bluetooth intermittent problems. Using iphone, with an incoming call sometimes, when taking call, you could hear person talking and radio would start playing real loud so you would have to terminate call then use cell phone. Dealer couldn't fix.

OK, I stopped by my local Land Rover dealer. They gave me the keys to a 14 RRS V-6 HSE. I sat inside and actually the 14 seats are more comfortable to me and have more shoulder room that my 12 RRS Auto, I started the engine and messed with the controls for a little while. Radio, Climate, cooled and heated seats, etc.

1) I raised and opened the rear hatch with the key fob up and down and used the close button on hatch several times, like at least 20 times. Worked without a glitch. Seems like this problem was fixed.

2) I cranked meridian 825 watt stereo up about 3/4 way or a little more with a good Rap song on, not my kinda music, but its a great test for a stereo system. I got outside with the doors closed, walked around to the rear hatch, no rattle from the subwoofer, cool.
Seems like this problem was fixed.

3) In a couple of weeks after they have their launch on Sept. 20 at my local dealer, I'm going to try to get it for a couple of hours or more and sink my iphone 5 by bluetooth and make a bunch of calls. I had problems with radio/Bluetooth and my iphone 4S. On my 12 RRS, Sometimes when a call came in, you could hear the person on the speakers and the radio would go almost wide open and I would have to disconnect the call cause I couldn't answer it. Or when you made a call and the person your calling would answer, the radio would go almost full volume and you could hear the person talking too. WTF Still got to check this out.

The transmission is gonna take some time to get used too, shifting knob is small, I felt like I was holding a joystick controller. lol It shifts smooth though.
You have to pull in a button and pull the stick towards you to put it in drive. Then when you stop, you push it forward for reverse. To put it in park, you have to push the park button and it will put the tranny in park for you.

The V-6 doesn't have that much low end torque starting off until the RPM's come up on the Supercharger then it starts taking off. Plenty of power for passing, you just have to get in the throttle a little to get the RRS to move out. I guess I'm used to all the torque from the V-8 Supercharger. I think I could be happy with the V-6 S/C but I will probably spend the extra cash to get the V-8 S/C. I pressed the average MPG to display on the dash. I put about 30 miles on it, looked like all I got was about 14 mpg, I did drive pretty aggressive. I got about 15 mpg city and 19 hwy with my V-8 S/C.

Vehicle seemed to be more nimble and felt more balanced driving than my 12 RRS. Outside looks good, but it doesn't grab me like the 10-13 RRS Autobiography did. Outside is kinda growing on me. What choice do we have. Rear taillights, I wish were bigger.

Was thinking about buying a 2014 LS 460 loaded but I may get back in a RRS. I kinda miss sitting up high and my old RRS was comfortable and fun to drive with the V-8 S/C.

The V-6 S/C isn't no slacker either, I got on it several times and it performed very well. I may save 20k and get the V-6 S/C then put a smaller pulley on the blower and get a tune for it, then it will be almost as fast as a V-8 S/C.

Loved the Autobiography package I used to have, I'm gonna wait until the first quarter of 14 to make up my mine what to buy.

Last recent generation Autobiography package loaded was like 89 K, 14 Autobiography package loaded is like 102K.
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