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2010-2012 Range Rover Sport
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I have a 2010 Sport and I am experiencing issues with the central locking.

I have set my RRS to lock the doors once it is moving and this worked perfectly for at least 6 months but now I have issues with the locking.

I have keyless entry so, provided I have the key on me, then the car will unlock once I touch the door handle.

Unfortunately it only appears to be unlocking the door I am holding and none of the others (although this does not happen all the time it does occur 9/10 times). This also occurs once I have driven and stopped the car. I get out but cannot open the other doors without using the the unlock button on the inside of the front doors.

I have tried turning off the automatic locking but this does not help resolve the issue.

I hope this makes sense to someone and you can help as my car is driving me mad!

Also, the light on the needle of the speedometer was flickering last night - not sure if this is connected in some way to the locking issue or it's yet another issue!

Many thanks
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