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Issue with breaks

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Hello Guys
I am new here as I just bought a 91 RR classic. I already love this car but it is also giving me some problems. I was told it needed break pads so I took it to the shop. Mechanic says pads are fine, I need a master break cyldr. and ABS pump. Breaks pedal is hard and I'm having to use hand break. Not driving it any more until fixed. What do you experts think is the real problem??? Thank you all in advance.
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Yes, sounds like there is a problem with the power circuit on your brakes and you are just getting an unassisted emergency manual circuit. Check out the pages on the main site for some more information.
I really thought that I would get more help here. Any ways, In case anybody ever has this same problem, I will tell you how I fixed it. After having a mechanic shop tell me that I needed i master cylinder and possibly an ABS pump costing over a thousand dollars in repairs and paying a range rover mechanic $40 to come and tell me the same thing. I was able to figure out with the help of a $10 cd and that all it needed was a $30 abs relay. and problem solved. Thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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