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Hmm, I was looking at that one a month ago. I almost bought it. While the idea of having a westminster was :dance: all i really wanted was a late black P38 Range. After I retire this one, Ill be moving on to mercedes G wagons (there getting down to high 20's now) and be done with ranges because I just think its blasphemy to have a off road vehicle without solid beam differentials. (hummer H1 excluded)

As lucked turned up though I ended up finding a none westminster but with every option including the oxford leather and wood wheel. I paid about 5/8 of what they were asking for that one you are looking at and choose to keep the money in the bank incase Golly Geezing Beezing happens.

If I could do it all over, hmm. I really just wanted the options that the westminister had. Actually all I wanted was a black one. If I wanted a westminister, I would diff by it. If you just want the options you can save a whole lot of money but I will concur, its hard to find. Either one.

1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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