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I can add exactly the same experience. My first RRS (L320) had a smooth and very silent turn signal, especially compared to my other Cars like BMW and VW.
The RRS2 is still OK but not the same smooth turn signal as the former series.

I did not drive the facelift version, but regarding the feedback here, this is annoying.
Did somebody ask JLR direct about this? Think it’s easy for them to change this with an update...

Best René
I have the opposite problem my 2016 Sport is too quiet, I can’t hear the ticking above 50 MPH. I do have a hearing problem and use two hearing aids. My wife’s BMW X3 is great I have no problem with that.
In the past on other vehicles I have connected a small sounder across the relay coil. But on the discovery it’s a major job to find the relay, I can’t even find the direction indicator fuse.
Despair Nick
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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